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New Car Smell For Less Than You Would Expect

New car smell. That intoxicating, unique and all too brief experience of purchasing a brand new car. Alas, all too soon that wonderful smell is overtaken by the more common, day-to-day smells that will become the permanent atmosphere of a vehicle. The smell of stale coffee, moldy floor mats and the lingering aroma of snacks, fast-food and happy meals gone by, not to mention the unmistakable fragrance of kids and pets and their little accidents.

If you think it’s impossible to buy a used car that still has that new car smell… Think again.

New Car Smell

The fact is; there are many cases of virtually new vehicles sold daily at auctions all over North America.

NO WAY! You say?

Well, in most cases you’d be absolutely right, however with the right insider information it’s actually possible to know detailed information about cars, trucks, SUV’s, motorcycles etc. well in advance of the scheduled auction sale. Not to mention all the details like the time and location of the auction where your chosen vehicle is to be sold and the all-important internet links and contacts to participate in the auction wherever it’s being held nationwide, without leaving your home.

Imagine having up-to-the-minute information available to you that was previously only available to professional car dealers, brokers and other auto industry insiders.

Over the last decade the closed doors of the private auto auction insiders club have been gradually pried open.

The closely guarded secret, worth millions of dollars in savings was gradually made available to private individuals like you and me.

However, the obstacles like geographic locations, finding out about unadvertised auctions and the volume of lists and other paperwork etc. still posed a major problem… Until companies like Gov began compiling real-time digital databases and making training materials available to their members providing them with a competitive edge that has truly leveled the playing field.

So, today it’s actually possible to buy a quality late-model used vehicle for up to 95% off retail price.

As for the new car smell; at these prices you can afford to have your new car fully detailed and have it liberally scented with “new car smell” aerosol spray, just for good measure.

But seriously; if you would like to get your hands on one or more good quality, late model, previously owned vehicles for a fraction of the regular retail price you can simply join an auto auction service company for as little as $50 a year, for the full use of their database and everything else you’ll need to compete with the big boys at any of the thousands of auto auctions nationwide and save thousands on as many auction bids as you like.

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